INFED Objectives

The INFLIBNET Centre, as one of its core mandates, provides access to scholarly e-resource to universities and colleges in India under the e-ShodhSindhu. The INFED is being set-up as a centralized agency to coordinate with member institutions in the process of implementation of user authentication and access control mechanism distributed across participating institutions using standardized rules and metadata for exchange of attributes.

Major objectives of INFED are as follows:

  • To identify and deploy appropriate access management tools with an aim to optimize usage of e-resources and to ensure better Returns on Investment (RoI)
  • To provide greater flexibility to authorized users enabling them to access e-resources anytime from their campuses, home or even while travelling
  • To encourage and assist member institutions to set-up their own independent identity management system so as to authenticate and authourized users
  • To act as Identity Provider for all institutions which do not have requisite technical expertise and ICT infrastructure to set-up their own identity provider services
  • To define uniform sets of standard rules and metadata for exchanging standardized attributes between institutions as identity provider and publishers as service provider in the process of authentication of authorized users.
  • To establish and manage trust relationship between resource provider (publishers), member institutions and federation operators.